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Chicago Tours


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Helicopter tour flight.

Flight Conditions

Flight Wx

A Few Clouds and 51 F at Chicago Midway Airport, IL
A Few Clouds
Winds are Southeast at 8.1 MPH (7 KT). The pressure is 1023.8 mb and the humidity is 45%. The wind chill is 48. Last Updated on Apr 20 2014, 2:51 am CDT.

Aviation Weather Report
Midway (KMDW)

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  You can find this form at:
Just fill in KMDW there, or here.

Weather Education: Aviation weather reports are more detailed than what you would see on or "The Weather Channel"

<--- To the left you will see a pre-filled form, just click Submit. This is an aviation weather report provided by, it's what we use.

To have favorable flying conditions we need to have more then:

2500 ft cloud ceiling - (The Sears Tower is 2325 ft msl)
5 miles visibility - (At five miles visibility it would be hard to see past the Sears Tower if we were over Navy Pier.